The Supreme Court Decision

Here are the facts presented to the Highest Court:

The house is the land of Israel.
The owner is the Jewish people.
They inherited it by covenant given to their fathers.
The deed is the "everlasting covenant" to the land.
The ownership is stated in the Book of Deeds, called the Bible.
The crime was sin against God.
The prison was their long-time dispersion.
The prison term was stated to be temporary.
The prison term ended on May 14, 1948.
The owners have returned to find that squatters have taken their land.

The Decision:
The judge in the Final Appeals Court has determined that the land belongs to the Jewish people.

The squatters refuse to leave and Israel is outnumbered 500 to 1.
Riots have broken out over the ruling.
Wars have been prompted by the ruling.

The military of the heavens has been alerted and are awaiting the command to enforce the covenant.

In the near future, the Judge himself will appear and settle it forever.
His ruling had been already pre-written in the Book of Deeds
placed there before the foundation of the world (which HE created).

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